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What is it?
SexPlanet - Is Totally Interactive !
  • Non-stop LIVE SEX and chatting.
  • With Studios in AMSTERDAM'S
  • It's as low as 83¢ per minute.
SexPlanet - Where You Call the Shots!
  • It's Broadcast with 3 DIFFERENT cameras
  • YOU Talk Live to the Performers
  • There's No Downloading
  • You get Immediate Entry!
Its Way Bigger For Real.... But You Knew That?
Live Fucking Animation Live Fucking Animation
Live Fucking Animation Live Fucking Animation

How Does it Work

While you are watching the show, type any requests to the operator and they will immediately be delivered to the performers or camera operator (see right).

You make requests by typing in the
Chat Text Window (above).

This is the only show on the Internet that features FUCKING and SUCKING by absolutely LIVE couples.

The other shows promise "live sex" but they're not showing penetration.

cuz...softcore leaves us hangin.

 Sex Star takes your requests for action and passes them along to the performers. ------>>>>>>

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Sex Star
Buy Time Sex Performers The operator and the camera person swap places, regularly. She gets real close to the action... forgive her if she gets turned on.
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